De Menagerie van de Schamele Drie
© Sofie Van Mieghem

A hilarious tragedy

Cie. de KOE dives into the universe of J.M.H. Berckmans. This revelation of Dutch literature drags the audience along in an endless stream of immoderate feelings. Berckmans’ unbridled characters go through life singing and dancing, but this facade masks a desperate existence. Shit and piss are everywhere; Berckmans offers the audience a glance into the abyss of the human mind. Erratic yet merciless, passionate and tender, a world of fear and pain but also of fervor and feeling.
In an energetic style and with an exciting musicality, Berckmans turns reality into a grotesque, surreal delusion.
De menagerie van de schamele drie is a caleidoscopic drama, a man a woman a man.

Text J.M.H. Berckmans
With Frank Focketyn, Peter Van den Eede and Hilde Van Mieghem
Director Bas Teeken
Technical direction Jan Goedemé
Light Marc Claeys
Costumes Diane Belmans