Drie Koningen

Louis, Balt and Lear have a frank conversation about their lives, their moments of joy, the difficulties they’ve encountered in their work and private lives. It is a conversation at times disconcerting, at others moving, interspersed with funny anecdotes.
‘…a childlike sense of joy upon the sight of so many dead bodies.’
‘I would never, ever, ever do it again…’
‘And then I told that joke about the Chinese man.’
In short, a revelatory story about three kings that feel attracted to one another.>
Until a certain, rather innocent movement is falsely interpreted as an incriminating touch, or does it concern an intrusion of territory.

Drie Koningen is a royal crime drama, a fin de siècle-salon-miracle play.

With Koen De Bouw, Frank Focketyn, Steven Van Watermeulen
Directed by Peter Van den Eede
Text Laurent Hubrecht, Peter Van den Eede