In den beginne... Squirrels
© Steven Massart

8 AM.
A writer’s office.
Natural habitat of the experienced Arthur.
Something has changed.
Edmond is here.
A fresh and new talent full of goodwill and youthful enthusiasm.
His only shortcoming is a lack of experience.
Arthur and Edmond try.
They combine their creative abilities and try.
Looking for the ideal plot.
Trial and error.
Standing together.
How to begin?
The first paragraph is growing in their minds.
Where is the paper?
Arthur has plenty.

David Mamet got started as a playwright in the seventies, developed a strong reputation and became known in the eighties for his screenwriting (a.o. The postman always rings twice, The untouchables and the film adaptation of Thomas Harris' Hannibal). De KOE adapts Mamets third play, Squirrels (first performed in October '74 in Chicago's Saint Nicholas Theatre Company).

With Bruno Vanden Broecke and Peter Van den Eede