Monoloog geterroriseerd II
© Sofie Van Mieghem

four love drama’s in one act

It is important that we continue to talk and that we are honest. So don’t get angry because of what I’m going to say next: maybe it’s best if we let Buffalo write the poems, so you can concentrate 100% on your bazooka.

Monoloog geterroriseerd II is dramaturgically irresponsible: during a heated debate about physics, four men descend into the profoundest depths of the human brain. Their search for destination “o” or “the ultimate void” is an attempt to create order and peace. For themselves and for each other. But it soon turns out that in this unfathomable depth chaos, coincidence and terror prevale.
Their search for simplicity turns into a complex web of opposition, betrayal, intolerance, distrust, mutations, desire and insanity.
They stagger. Collusions are everywhere, the only thing left to do is to save yourself.

Monoloog Geterroriseerd II is poetical, nonsensical suspense about the world in which we live.

With Frank Focketyn, Bas Teeken, Peter Van den Eede, Steven Van Watermeulen
Text Cie. de KOE
Directed by Bas Teeken and Peter Van den Eede