Poes Poes Poes

After his debut a a playwright with the succesful WYSIWYG, author Paul Mennes created the 5-part tv series Poes Poes Poes, that was published as a novel at the same time. The famous cinematographer Frank Van Passel and theater maker Peter Van den Eede were responsable for the visuals and the direction.
In Poes Poes Poes a group of people come together in the Walloon village of Drempel (close to Virton) to experience a solar eclipse. The series was conceived and created with the same mentality as a play. The objective was not to deploy a technically advanced film apparatus. The camera was used as an efficient machine to expose theatrical situations. The audience did not get to see this soap in the traditional way, on the television screen, but in a theater. Poes Poes Poes was shown for five weeks at the same moment in a large number of cultural centers in Flanders and in a number of European theater houses. The series was never shown on tv or during film festivals and after its presentation, it disappeared completely.
This project was an artistic collaboration between Victoria and Cie. de KOE

Text Paul Mennes
Director Peter Van Den Eede, Frank Van Passel
Music Tania Gallagher and Bart Demey
Artistic coach Dirk Pauwels
Floor manager Koen Gisen
Production manager Pat De Wit
With Gène Bervoets, Damiaan De Schrijver, Anne De Wilde, Sien Eggers, Lies Pauwels, Barbara Sarafian, Lucas Smolders, Armand Pien, Pieter Embrechts, Hans Van Cauwenberghe, Fred Van Kuyck, Stefaan Van Brabandt, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Korneel Hamers, Inge Paulussen, Stefan Perceval, Josse De Pauw, Frank Focketyn, Nand Buyl, Dina Tersago, Frank Vercruyssen, Clara van den Broek, Camilia Blereau, Peggy De Landtsheer, Kristin Arras, Lucas Van den Eynde, Dirk Pauwels, Koen De Bouw, Bas Teeken, Betty Mellaerts, Leen Demaré, Valentijn Dhaenens, Marlene De Smet, Louise en Ans Van den Eede, Hanna en Mathilde Defossez, Peter Van den Eede, Frank Van Passel en vele anderen
Coproduction Victoria, Holland Festival
Many thanks to Planetarium Brussel, Volksterrenwacht URANIA, Vidi-Square, All Video, Belgomilk, INEX, Stagelight (Aalst), Ibogem, Snarenfanfare, Parochiale werken van Doel, Beveren, Intercommunale Land van Waas, de bewoners van Doel en alle figuranten