‘Freedom is the possibility of isolation.’ - Pessoa

A dramatized documentary on humans as a natural phenomenon, observed and analyzed by their fellow species.

Pessoa wrote: ‘Freedom is the possibility of isolation.’

You are free if you can seclude yourself from people, without the need for money, love, fame or curiosity. Those who can’t be alone were born a slave.

Iris, Koen and Herman, three young thirtysomethings, give it a try. Together. To be free. Everything happens, but it might as well not have. Weary of the excess, they search for less in self-inflicted isolation. But, as little as that is, it appears to be unreachable

By Natali Broods, Stefaan Van Brabandt, Bruno Vanden Broecke and Peter Van den Eede
With Natali Broods, Stefaan Van Brabandt and Bruno Vanden Broecke
Voice-over Dirk Van Dijck
Production de KOE
With the support of the Flemish authorities