The Hunting Party

and so it happens
among intellectuals ma’am
that a man takes up a chainsaw
or another kind of tool
that he has nothing whatsoever to do with
that an intellectual suddenly makes up his mind
to cut down a tree
suddenly someone like that feels the need
to hit nails into a wall
someone who spends years just sitting behind his desk
walks into a quarry
or simply into the woods
someone like that suddenly thinks
he needs to break something or chop something
just like your husband the general suddenly
walked into the woods with a chainsaw
suddenly, someone like that goes out of his mind
walks into the woods
cuts down a tree
or walks into a quarry
and murders somebody do you understand

By and with Peter Van den Eede, Katelijne Damen, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Damiaan De Schrijver, Inge Büscher, Jan Goedemé, Marlene De Smet and Marc Claeys
Based on the text of Thomas Bernhard
A coproduction with tg STAN