Utopia of the Atom
© Koen Broos

‘People should learn how to live with insecurity’ – Albert Einstein

Peace, love, hate, fear of death are actually nothing but caprice. The moral, the theology, the law or polemics play a role in the human comedy, but it’s still a role, and it’s still comedy. (…)

The human might be much less of a conscious being than theologians, philantropists, pedagogues and polemologists think.

He is more like a rock, a molecule, an atom, coming into and falling out of existence, making connections and breaking them, and all this and the rest of it is imagination.”

From The Sadistic Universe, Willem Frederik Hermans

By and with Stefaan Van Brabandt, Bruno Vanden Broecke and Peter Van den Eede
Production de KOE
With the support of the Flemish authorities