© Koen Broos

Can we start looking back yet, or is it still too early?

Can we start looking back yet, or is it still too early? Can we start to make amends to ourselves? Or is it, perhaps, not such a good idea to look back? Is it even possible to look back and move forward at the same time? Do we prefer a fantasy about where we’re going, or a memory of what we had? ACHTER/AF is the finale of a season of reprisals and reviews, in honor of the 30th anniversary of de KOE. In ACHTER/AF, we’re not only looking back to ourselves, but to looking back itself.

ACHTER/AF is the show after the show. A play about relief and smug fatigue, but also about self-hate and missed chances. A play about night-time rides back home, tossed between “what am I doing this for?” and “that’s what I’m doing this for.” A play between drunk ebullience and shameful silence.

ACHTER/AF is a full evening with an intimate atmosphere, like a nightclub right before the lights are turned on. There will be welcome and unwelcome guests, wanted and unwanted intimacies, a book presentation at the beginning and crocodile tears at the end. An evening full of memories and reprisals, full of confessions and conferences, full of old loves, songs, plans and heartbreak. And, running through all of this, the ever more cumbersome explanation of what we meant to say all those years.

ACHTER/AF is a continuous encore. In ACHTER/AF, we do nothing but give in.


By and with Natali Broods, Peter Van den Eede en Willem de Wolf
Scenography, light and sound Bram De Vreese
Production de KOE
With the support of de Vlaamse Overheid

‹With the necessary irony and self-reflection, but also with a healthy dose of arrogance, both the book and the theater performance try to write De Koe into (theater) history.› (≤Filip Tielens, ‹De Standaard›≥) ‹A recommendation for anyone who likes the kind of witty, post-modern work of De Warme Winkel, Wunderbaum and others like them.› (≤Ron Rijghard, Cultuurgids ‹NRC Handelsblad›≥)