De KOE sells Engel’s Law

In that logic of the market, all relationships are reduced to the laws of supply and demand, seduction and manipulation, opportunism and cheating. We are all customers and salesmen. We cheat and are cheated on. Our needs have to be satisfied. We give the customer what he wants. Intersubjectivity as a subdued exercise of power, opportunistic and fake: those who sell themselves best, score on the marketplace.

In De KOE verkoopt De Wet van Engel the audience, the consumers of culture, are effusively pampered and entertained, with the purpose of selling the play and the company. And to please the spectator. Because happy customers return happily. The actors sell themselves to each other and the audience, and throw everything into battle to win the favor of the spectator. Private life, emotional blackmail and special effects. In confusing times of isolation, estrangement and violence, they offer them the illusion of the warm home of the theater family, an evening full of fun, emotion, humor, magic, intoxication, recognition, sincerity, warmth and security.

By and with Koen De Bouw/Gene Bervoets, Nico Sturm, Bas Teeken, Stefaan Van Brabandt, Clara Van den Broek, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Maarten Westra Hoekzema
Production de KOE
With the support of the Flemish authorities

‹Mind that we don’t just live in a market economy, but more generally in a market society, that is to say, a space of civilization in which all human relationships, and all relations of humans to the world, are interpreted by a simple quantitative sum with three variables: attraction, novelty and value for money.› ≤Michel Houellebecq≥