Een antwoord op alle vragen (An answer to all your questions)
© Lars van den Brink

Stand-up philosophy in concert: every night a performance is composed live based on… the questions of the audience!

Enough lonely nights on stage; Laura Van Dolron and Willem de Wolf are going to collaborate and give an answer to ALL your questions. Accompanied by a box full of questions and musicians Wilko Sterke and Frank van Kasteren, Laura and Willem give an answer to what the audience really wants to know.

Laura: When I say that I’m a stand-up philosopher, people often ask me: “So you’re going to talk with the audience, then?” No, I answer, and I always feel caught. I don’t talk with the audience, because I don’t really trust audience participation, because the people that answer are the people that like to be heard, and I often feel like those people already get to talk enough. In An answer to all your questions, I found a form where everyone in the audience is part of the performance. By asking them to write down a question, they can participate in a safe way. We invite the audience to celebrate the question and to find the answer.

I would like to create more space in my pieces for the magical ‘here and now’ of the theater, because I have learned that that which is happening now is always more important and more exciting than that which you thought of in advance. Less preparation, more openness, less devising, more listening. In this world of Instagram, botox and carefully engineered facebook statuses, I feel a need for realness. A realness that I will try to find every night together with the audience, in their questions and our answers.

In An answer to all your questions Laura, Willem, Wilko and Frank have prepared as many answers as possible: to questions they think they will get, questions they fear they will get and/or questions they hope they will get. In their “laboratory of answers” they are surprised every night by the questions of the audience. There will be answers that fit the questions, there will be questions that aren’t asked even if the answer is there and there will be a lifeline of wise people present. The audience will watch them search, struggle and make music. This way, every night before your eyes a philosophical theater concert comes to life, full of poetry, thoughts, actions, hope and despair… and in the end there might be ONE answer that exceeds all questions!

Concept Laura van Dolron
By and with Laura van Dolron, Willem de Wolf (Cie. De KOE, Kas & de Wolf)
Music Wilko Sterke (Circus Treurdier, Orkater, Orde van de Dag), Frank van Kasteren (Circus Treurdier, Orde van de Dag, Het Nieuwe Lied)
Scenography Wikke van Houwelingen and Marloes van der Hoek
Distribution in the Netherlands Bureau Berbee culturele affaires – Inke Berbee
Production Laura van Dolron in collaboration with de KOE