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Musical theater that elevates tone deafness to an artform.

Komm, süßer Tod, komm, selge Ruh!

Komm, führe mich in Friede,

weil ich der Welt bin müde,

ach komm, ich wart auf dich,

komm bald und führe mich,

drück mir die Augen zu.


IN KOOR! is a music theater project by the Brussels performance artist Myriam Van Imschoot and Willem de Wolf, actor and author with de KOE, in collaboration with students of the theater school at KASK and thirteen amateur actors.

The guiding principle of IN KOOR! is the rehearsal of a musical piece. A choir, people who are endlessly singing and practicing to arrive, somehow, at unison and melody. The mistakes, repetitions and slip-ups that accompany this venture make up the material of the play. Because people are the most vulnerable when they are not (yet) able to do something that they want to learn badly.

But IN KOOR! is more than just an ode to the false start, the off-key notes and the still shaky voice, out of balance and out of cadence. It is also a carrousel in which we zoom in- and out on the process, the repetition, the improvement, the hope, (dis)harmony, and how individuality relates to solidarity.

Those who expected beautiful cantatas and virtuoso vocals, will have to settle for a musical theater that elevates tone deafness to an artform.

Concept, text and direction Myriam Van Imschoot and Willem de Wolf
Conductor Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
With Leyna Amara Hammou, Lieve Baele, Simon Baetens, David Compernolle, Brigitte De Clercq, Maarten Degraeuwe, Nona Demey, Jos Deraedt, Louis Kindt, Louis Janssens, Briek Lesage, Bart Locy, Marie Mignolet, Imke Mol, Chris Reyns, Timo Sterckx, Linda Van de Wielle, Rita Van den Broecke, Naomi Van Der Horst, Tamara Van IJperen, Flor Van Severen, Myriam Vancraeynest, Mats Vandroogenbroeck and Kathleen Wijnen
Sound and lighting Piet Depoortere, Emmanuel Desmyter, Pol Geusens and Koen Vanneste
Costumes Marlene De Smet
Outside eye Louise Van den Eede
Production CAMPO, de KOE and KASK
Special thanks to Marcus Bergner, Stijn Bussels, Fabrice Delecluse, Toine Horvers (for the shuffle step), Bram Van Oostveldt, Paul Vermeir, Akademie Schloss Solitude, PAF and the 'Brussels choir’ in the framework of Opera 21
With the support of de Vlaamse Overheid