The Courage to be Disliked
© Koen Broos

Should I look, or should I look away?

In The Courage to be Disliked a woman from New York travels between two worlds: the wealth and privilege that envelop her, and ‘the other side’, the impoverished underbelly of the city, which she observes and describes to us in detail. The Courage to be Disliked is a monologue about goodwill and self-protection, about idealism and self-interest, about the way the world turns to those who can afford it, and the reality that exists outside of that. There is a consciousness, but is it a step forward? Or the final destination?

Natali Broods is flying solo for the very first time in her career at de KOE with this magnificent monologue, written by Willem de Wolf, who is renowned for texts such as Krenz, The Marx Sisters and Desperado. Peter Van den Eede translates the text to the stage in this true de KOE-production!

This is a story about privilege
but it is also about self-knowledge, I think
about power and vulnerability
about the desire to do the right thing
about the desire for self-sacrifice
but also about the much-needed protection
the self-protection

The Courage to be Disliked

Text Willem de Wolf
With Natali Broods
Director Peter Van den Eede
Light and scenography Bram De Vreese
Production de KOE