The man who cut his hair short (naar de ideeën van Johan Daisne)
© Koen Broos

The only thing I can say is:
Don’t look, or keep on looking.

a writer and an actress
meet each other again and again
in the lobby of a hotel
to talk
a psychological war of attrition
they are crazy in love with each other
but the fear of ruining everything
keeps them from consuming that love
to an absurd level
they analyze
a possible relationship
a possible past
a possible future
and anticipate
all the possible developments and entanglements
that could arise
in their eyes
to surrender to each other completely means
the end
the game must be played
if he does not write
she cannot play

the man who cut his hair short
is not an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Johan Daisne
however, this book has been the trigger and an important source of inspiration
for the play

the contemplative human who microscopically dissects
the mechanism of his thought process and thus eradicates himself
decomposed, people lead
a life without a manual
the truth is two-fold
beauty a flight
goodness a refuge
love a power
that renews and destroys it

in the man who cut his hair short
for the umpteenth time a man and a woman stand
in the arena
in the circus
in the theater
opposite each other
looking for the truth

By and with Natali Broods and Peter Van den Eede
Based on the ideas of Johan Daisne
Production de KOE
With the support of the Flemish government