Titel onbekend

What has happened to humanity?
How do we play with our fear of death?
How does love grow, fester and go bad?
And why?

Titel onbekend is a mystery. A force field in which oppositions that appear irreconcilable are united, order and chaos go side by side, illusion challenges reality. Love, light and power have their turn and remind us of a world that wants to be freed rather than controlled.

Image a bowl, sealed by an inverted bowl, the seam closed by the tough light of the vanished moon. A light like raw cow’s milk.

All of this is presented to you in the shape of a regular living room. A couple is visited by a friend. Between this friend and the wife a more than amicable relationship develops. Her husband works for the postal service and has a gun. It is late. Hot. Sultry

With Warre Borgmans en Frank Focketyn
Director Bas Teeken
Assistant director Kris Verdonck
T&C Arts Manager Peter Van den Eede
Light Marc Claeys
Costumes Diane Belmans and Karine Pauwels
Technical direction Jan Goedemé