De rest is overschot

Bas Teeken and visual artist Michiel Voet created a “visualized prologue” for the production Drie Koningen.

The point was to research the same question, each from their own field of expertise. The decision to collaborate was connected with a shared interest in the position of the audience with regard to what is being shown, and vice versa. How does this communication work? What is te purpose and what is the goal? The artificiality of museums (and theaters) has gone too far. The walls are TOO white and the temperature is TOO right, this creates an atmosphere far removed from reality. Often, the audience is not given a chance to get involved, and here we encounter the dilemma that our western civilization does not seem to offer any stable guarantees for a shared artistic language.

The overarching theme of these two new productions was the notion of “power”. On paper only a word, in reality an impossibly complex phenomenon.

Concept Bas Teeken, Michiel Voet and Diane Belmans
Technical direction Yvan Pype
Texts Bas Teeken, Laurent Hubrecht, Harold Pinter, Bernard Werber
Scenography Michiel Voet
With the help of Kevin Cools, Marlene De Smet, Frank Focketyn, Pol Pauwels, Claudia Theunissen, Peter Van den Eede, Guy Van Hoeck, Steven Van Watermeulen