De Slag van Glottis
© Paul De Nooijer

With the glottal stop too, the brief pause in the breath
is nothing but the announcement of the actual discharge.

The tale of three people.
Joanna of Castile, her daughter Catherine. And Harry.
The man whose car got stolen.

Three people with a history, that is full of fractures and precious memories.

An attempt to understand – that history, the world, each other, themselves – turns into an embrace of everything. Because it’s impossible not to accept that not everything can be understood.

De Slag van Glottis wants to talk about a variety of perspectives from which things can be understood – and isn’t comedy the prime example of this?

About trying to take your distance and let go, from a position of absolute commitment.

About finding a peace that never turns into lethargy.

De Slag van Glottis is an outlandish mystery, in which the threads of reality are systematically confused. Despair and comedy, stories and unspoken insights become the guidelines within which people slowly start to free themselves from the swamp their life was turning into.

Director Frank Focketyn
Text de KOE
Actors Sien Eggers, Anne De Wilde and Luc Nuyens
Dramaturgy Griet Op de Beeck
Scenography Jan Goedemé
Light design Marc Claeys
Costumes Ann Weckx
Assistent scenography Sarah Peirsman
Technical direction Jan Goedemé
Photography Paul de Noyer