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Another catastrophy? Or even more catastrophic?

Goethe’s Die Wahlverwandtschaften - a novel that studies the relations between a husband and wife, Eduard and Charlotte, his friend, and her cousin, who move in with the couple - is maybe best described as a 19th century version of Temptation Island. Together with Lineke Rijxman, de KOE starts a new experiment: what remains of reason, desire, the so-called laws of nature, now that we have imposed our laws on nature?

Reportage 100% Cultuur


By and with Lineke Rijxman, Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Based on the ideas of Die Wahlverwandtschaften by Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Scenography, sound and light Bram De Vreese and Shane Van Laer
Music Ramses Van den Eede
Costumes Julie De Meester and Jente De Graef
Many thanks to Wannes Gyselinck and Ans Van den Eede
A coproduction by de KOE and mugmetdegoudentand

This production was realized with support from the Belgian Federal government's Tax Shelter measure, with the help of Gallop Tax Shelter. In coproduction with Het Laatste Bedrijf.

‹'Seks(e)(n)' is some of the most beautiful, moving and important work that de KOE has ever done.› ≤Els Van Steenberghe, Focus Knack≥ ‹Moving and powerful how the company, even there, turns on the power on its ›‹own barbed wire.› ≤Gilles Michiels, De Standaard≥ ‹an exciting and damned entertaining piece. › ≤Ewoud Ceulemans, De Morgen≥ ‹an ingenious and amusing joust of words, with a strong and funny performance. › ≤Joukje Akveld, Het Parool≥ ‹a delightful and comical night at the theatre, full of intellectual amusement.› ≤Jos Schuring, Scènes≥ ‹an immensely rich, humorous play that talks about something relevant and has an urgency. › ≤Margriet Prinssen, Haarlems Dagblad≥