The Rebuilding of the West III: Black
© Koen Broos

History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake. (James Joyce, Ulysses)

After White and Red, Black is the last and concluding part of the trilogy The Rebuilding of the West. After the virginal White and the voluptuous Red you would expect a dark and morbid Black. But we always intended our Black to be transparant.

White was about the beginning, about our youth. In Red we traveled with Liz Taylor to a life full of luxury, tragedy, passion and love. In Black we consider where we ended up. In Black we discuss art.

Like monks, we studied the History of Western art from its rebirth, the Renaissance. We put it in writing, condensed it, all the while trying to figure out how art history can be imagined in the theater. Because in Black we want to see how we can be educational without educating. How we can be evocative and at the same time precise. How we can be inspiring and enlightening. How we can look ahead by looking back.

In fact, Black is a story about our belief in flexibility and creativity. About the opportunities of change and renewal. About the power of projects, conversations and collaborations. In Black we want to close the circle in white. Actually, our Black should be almost whiter than our White.

By and with Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Light and sound Bram De Vreese and Pol Geusens
Live music Bram De Vreese and Pol Geusens
Special thanks to Matthias de Koning and Louise Van den Eede
Production de KOE
With the support of the Flemish authorities