Van alles naar Allen

‘Let us forget things
and consider only the relationships between them.'
Georges Braque

Van alles naar Allen compiles ideas of the American filmmaker Woody Allen into an ‘endless tale’. His relationship-based themes, his irony with regard to the intellectual class, his self-repetition are combined into one intensified, theatrical assembly. The makers process their impressions of Allen’s films to a new text, in which psycho-analysis and form come together in a hysterical experiment.

By and with Roselien Dhaenens, Barbara Sarafian, Stefaan Van Brabant, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Clara van den Broek, Peter Van den Eede.
Light design Marc Claeys
Sound design Yannick Willox
Technical direction Jan Goedemé and Pol Geusens
Production manager Marlene De Smet
Production assistant Hilde Kenens
Many thanks to Paul Codde, Steven Massart, 't Waaigat Zwijndrecht, Westrand Dilbeek, SCAPA Antwerpen and La Gaviotta Antwerpen