WhiteRedBlack: the Rebuilding of the West De Wederopbouw van het Westen
© Koen Broos

I’m so happy it could take a turn for the worse any minute now.

De Koe presents the integral version of the trilogy WhiteRedBlack: The Rebuilding of the West.

How should the world go on now? Or rather: where are we now and how did we get there? De KOE presents the grand finale of her great, yet light-hearted history of the West. The West? The Atlantic West? The land where the sun sets? In any case, the West, in which and with which we grew up. The West that has made us into Westerners. An innocent, virginal, carnal, voluptuous, decadent, apocalyptic love triangle in which we situate all our hope.

In White the players looked back on the world of their youth, full of personal and societal ideals. In Red the turbulent but ephemeral life of Elisabeth Taylor served as a model for the modern Western way of life. Black focused on the hopeful cultural rebirth of the renaissance. Now the players intertwine these three parts into a cheerfully meandering stream full of personal memories, political anecdotes, historical events and unexpected philosophical insights.


By Stefaan Van Brabandt, Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
With Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Lighting- and set design Matthias de Koning
Lighting and sound Bram De Vreese and Pol Geusens


By and with Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Sound design Pol Geusens
Lighting design Bram De Vreese
Special thanks to Matthias de Koning


By and with Natali Broods, Willem de Wolf and Peter Van den Eede
Lighting and sound design Bram De Vreese and Pol Geusens
Live music Bram De Vreese and Pol Geusens
Special thanks to Matthias de Koning and Louise Van den Eede

A KOE production

‹Again Natali Broods, Peter Van den Eede and Dutchman Willem de Wolf take place on a messy stage as more or less themselves revealing a magnificent text while talking and bickering. (…) Black is in the first place funny, despite the subject. Slowly but certainly the tensions below the surface increase. So that the three can excell in surprised faces, big movements and subtle sneers. Who knew that art history could be this much fun.› ≤De Volkskrant≥ ‹De KOE at its best: absurd, comical, tragical, philosophical, sociocritical and delightfully grotesque.› ≤Knack≥ ‹Oh, what a wonderful, long, delightful evening at the theater. De KOE has created the trilogy The Rebuilding of the West in three years and as many pieces and performs this series as a marathon show just a couple of times. The separate pieces (which I haven’t seen) were warmly received, but the three performances in one go of about four and a half hours is an incredible experience: erudite and sexy, immodest and associative, chatty and epic, as wonderful as it is briljant.› ≤Theatermaker≥ ‹Because they always give you an experience which cannot be compared with anything else in the world [of theater].› ≤De Morgen≥ ‹Intelligent, versatile, accessible, mischievous.› ≤Rekto:Verso≥